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Advantages of advertising on Tea Cup

Branding on a Cup of Tea!

Tea time is very personal and feel good moment for every Indian. How about converting those tea and coffee breaks into an opportunity for your Brands to get noticed by the target audience. When people go on a Tea break, they prefer not to talk about work. There is an exposure window of 5-7 minutes, and sometimes even 10 minutes. Visibility and engagement is high and so it makes an incredible place to plug a Brand. Test this - an average television commercial is for 20 to 30 seconds, the billboard has five seconds or less to convey its message to the passerby and a digital ad is avoided with ad blockers or ‘Skip’ buttons. Also, a Newspaper Advert may not even be looked at. While a Tea/Coffee Cup, on the other hand, has a potential customer engaged since it is colourful, appealing, and filled with our darling ‘Tea’, that takes at least five minutes to finish. Hence, it is a very effective and engaging medium to get the message across and start a conversation around the Brand. The cost incurred is also exceptionally low and you’re getting more out of each customer. And yes, India is a Tea-drinking nation, so you don’t really have to worry about the audience, as everyone drinks Tea, irrespective of who they are.

Branding on a Cup of Tea!
Branding on a Cup of Tea!
Branding on a Cup of Tea!
Branding on a Cup of Tea!
Branding on a Cup of Tea!
Optimise your Tea Breaks! Advantages of Cup Branding

Optimise your Tea Breaks! Advantages of Cup Branding

The world, as we know it, is constantly evolving with inter-connections that is unprecedented in the history. It’s all the more important to stay relevant. In an era of reduced attention spans, the marketers and Advertisers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to reach their consumers. Breaking the clutter is imperative, as more and more products are hitting the market at the speed of light. Quirky Advertising strategies are really the talk of the season. Both startups and large corporate names are leaning towards innovative Branding and Advertising. When everything is used in Branding, then how can a Tea Cup be left behind? And that too in a Tea loving Nation like ours!

Tea Cup Branding

Encash The Power of TEA!

For Indians, a Cup of Tea isn’t just a beverage. It is a Cup that brings a feeling of joy and relaxation. A morning boost of Tea is a necessary component of our day. Also, it brings a sense of peace that makes us feel that everything is going right. When so many feelings and emotions are associated with a Cup of Tea and coffee, why not borrow these feelings for your Brand?

Yes, Tea and coffee have the power that can be in your hands. Anyone who picks up a Cup branded with your logo, automatically becomes associated with your Brand in some way or the other.

Tea Cup Branding is an innovative marketing strategies that is thrilling the market with its excellent results and that too in minimum cost. It aims to stimulate discussions and engage the consumers in a way that no other media can.

The medium of Chai/ Coffee Cup Advertising is clutter free, provides 5-7 minutes of exposure time and triggers discussion over Tea breaks. Your Brand becomes the talk of the table and the whole discussion revolves around the same. While ads on Television and radio are almost always flipped over by the customers, Tea Cup Branding is bound to make an impression in the mind of its consumers.

How It Works?

The Tea Cups are efficiently designed and adorned with the striking brand logo, service/product description, along with any promotional offerings, to catch all the eyeballs. They can either be Paper Cups or Ceramic Cups. These Branded Cups are later distributed free of costs to the Tea and coffee vendors, located in prime locations and witnessing heavy footfall. This makes the Tea vendors more than happy to serve their customers in those Cups and Brands too benefit, as they receive the maximum attention on their Adverts with minimum outflow.

Advantages of Tea- Cup Branding:

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