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Outdoor Metro Station Advertising

Advantages of advertising on Metro Station

Repeated Exposure Breeds Liking!

Advertising industry has gone really creative with its opportunities, from Advertising inside the Metro Station, to Wrapping the entire Metro and now Metro Station Branding, and is doing wonders for Advertisers. Around 43 Metro Stations have already been co-branded in popular cities like Delhi and Mumbai, and the number is still counting. Metro Station Branding, will not let the public forget your Brand Name. Every time they are on the move, either in the Metro or even on the roads, your Brand will be there to attract them. This familiarity will definitely breed liking towards the Brand and the next time they are up for buying something, your brand will strike them first and are likely to opt for your product or service, over others. Also as it is quite evident that the entire city is running on Metro now and generally most of the travelers in Metro are daily commuters, thus any ad placed at the Metro Station or inside the Metro, is seen by them repeatedly and also for a larger span of time , which helps to reinforce the brand name, USP and image of the brand in the consumer’s mind.

 Repeated Exposure Breeds Liking!
 Repeated Exposure Breeds Liking!
 Repeated Exposure Breeds Liking!
 Repeated Exposure Breeds Liking!
 Repeated Exposure Breeds Liking!
Larger than Life Branding!

Larger than Life Branding!

From Co- Branding Metro Station to Metro Wrapping, OOH has gone really innovative. Imagine a whole Train, decorated with vibrant colours and interesting graphics, walking next to you. It's more like a moving billboard and provides a larger than life image of the brand. With Metro Train Wraps, the Advertisers can run the Branding along the entire length and breadth of the Metro. It is certainly impactful as during the Train arrival or during the dwell time, the Advertisement on the Train gets the prime attention of the travellers and leaves an everlasting impact in their minds, further leading to word of mouth marketing.

Metro Branding In India

Branded Metros - The New Reality of Offline Advertising!

Metro is fast turning into the most favored methods of transport in urban areas in India. With streets loaded up with potholes and vehicles clogging up the ever bustling streets, Metro appears as the saviour from the transport troubles of this nation.

It has been a blessing for both office sub-urbanites and recreation voyagers. It has shortened the distance for travellers on one hand and opened up the universe of options for Advertisers on the other hand. Truly, with day by day ridership of 30 lac plus travelers, Metro Stations go about as worthwhile destinations for Brand Promotion.

Why Metro Branding?

The Metro framework or Metro Branding is the most dominant approach to contact mass audience, including the working class, i.e the earning class of the society, students and the usual travelers. This opens up your brand to the most enthralled and captivated audience, thereby spreading your message crosswise over many target audience.

As Metros are mostly crowded with working class people, who have an immense following on social media, it also favours your brand greatly, and aids in growing outreach.  

The most delightful piece of Metro Advertising, that makes Metro score over other OOH is  that, people here have somewhere around 20 to 40 minutes of dead time in their hand. By dead time, we imply that the commuters are compelled to look at a message in the Metro Train or at a Station, offering an enraptured and captive group of audience for a more drawn out span.

Moreover, the Metro is actually not as jumbled or cluttered as other media which is essential, as OOH is considered as a 'seven seconds media'. The Metro media gets a normal of thirty minutes of crowd viewership."

Types Of Metro Branding:

Ad placement options when going for Metro Branding are;

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