Cost effective Media packages that suite your requirements.

How can we help you? (FAQ's)

Location is an important factor for package media mix and cost. So, its not possible to change the city of a package. We can provide you a customized package for your choice of city. .

Typically, we don't do any change in the package media mix but we can create a customized package as per your requirement. .

No, a packaged campaign is to be executed in one go as per the schedule provided. But if you require any change in the package, we can create a customized package as per your requirement. .

Creative language can be as per the target audience and the demographic mix of the location of the campaign..

We provide adaptation and minor design support without any charges. But for a full scale design assignment we will charge as per the work involved. .

The media mix of a package is determined by the objective of the media package. Ex if the objective is to target hyper-local then Newspaper will not be part of the package..

Advertisers don't require to procure any special permission from the local authorities. We support all the activities related to the campaign. .

Monitoring for advertising package is done as per the media mix ex. For Newspaper, actual copy is provided but for Billboard execution images with a Newspaper background is provided. .

Every package has a different campaign duration which starts from 1 day and can go up to a few months. .

Every package is designed for a specific campaign objective. It is a bundled advertising media offering from us at a very competitive price to ensure a high ROI..

It is very simple to get a packaged media plan executed
About 2 days
Select the media package which aligns with the campaign objective.
image of a tiles
image of a notched trowel
image showing preparation
Finalize on the campaign schedule and other finer details of the campaign.
image showing preparation
Creative design and media production as per the campaign plan.
image showing preparation
On approval, our team will execute the campaign and provide you the monitoring report. .