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Indian Railway is the lifeline of our country. With thousands of travellers depending upon Railways for their work or leisure, the importance of this transport system cannot be ignored. Ever wondered why Railway Stations are laced with Advertisements from top to bottom? Try and imagine the scene of Railway Station, countless passengers, waiting and rushing for trains, sitting at the Railway Stations. Well, according to a research done on Indian Railways, at any given day 20,038 trains are on the run in India and carry approximately 22.21 million passengers every day. i.e. a significant number of potential customers. These statics explains why Advertisers prefer Railway Advertising so much. Railway Station Branding is one of the most innovative and effective technique to reach out to the target audience. With train Advertisements, brands can reach wide and diverse consumers at once.

Get The Maximum Eyeballs!
Get The Maximum Eyeballs!
Get The Maximum Eyeballs!
Get The Maximum Eyeballs!
Get The Maximum Eyeballs!
Capture The Masses on The Move!

Capture The Masses on The Move!

Which is that one place where you could find the right mix of various classes of Indian audience? It's nowhere but the premises of Indian Railways! Thus it makes it an excellent Branding stage. Advertising at Railway Stations consists of Railway Platform Advertising, such as Hoardings, Back-lit panels, Platform Flex boards, Pole kiosks, seats and benches, Foot Over Bridge board, and on digital screens. Railway Advertising also includes complete Train Wrapping or train painting, Internal-Window Top panel Adverts, Window panels Advertising, In-train Audio Jingles, Door top panel Branding, Luggage Top Panel Branding or Route map panel Branding etc.

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Where else can you find such diverse mix of audience and mass consumers at the same time? Railway Station is the place where all your promotion needs are going to be fulfilled. In Indian Railways, at any given day 20,038 trains are on the run and they carry approximately 22.21 million passengers every day. These statics explains why train Advertising plays such a crucial part in any marketing or Advertising strategy of the company.

Advantages of Railway Station Branding:

Types of Railway Station Advertisements:

Railway Stations can be seen as a large canvas where the ads can be placed in accordance with the kind of audience visiting the Station. The Advertisements can be placed at various places in different forms at Railway Stations such as:

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