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Book Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspapers

Marriage is one of the most important parts of human life. And thus it becomes really important to search for an ideal life partner who will be with you in your leaps and troughs and support and love you throughout your life. To make this search easy, one can opt for matrimonial advertisements in newspapers. This ad section is one of the most popular advertising categories in newspapers. BuyMediaSpace chooses the right newspaper for your various matrimonial ads such as Hindu matrimonial ads or bride-wanted advertisements based on your targeted audience.

Though numerous matrimonial sites are popping up in the market, still most Indian parents prefer to search for their child's life partner through Newspaper Matrimonial Ads, as the newspaper is regarded as one of the most trustworthy sources of information. Also unlike matrimonial sites, where the information gets stale after a point of time, and you may encounter an irrelevant candidate, Newspaper Matrimonial Ads provide an updated list of prospective brides or grooms every day. And since it is a paid service, fake candidates are hard to find.

Why Should We Book Matrimonial Ad in Newspapers?

Matrimonial classifieds in newspapers facilitate a marvelous matchmaking experience by exploring great marriage proposals to meet the true potential partner. Advertising in newspapers also has a massive outreach and it provides a greater impact on the target audience. Being a popular and trustworthy media source, it always has an edge of trust over other media. Matrimonial ads help ease your search for the prospective bride or groom by automatically omitting the not interested candidates, filtering your search based on profession, physical characteristics, language, religion, caste, income, etc., and providing better flexibility to target any strategic location or region by releasing ads in relevant newspapers.

Types of Matrimonial Advertisements

  • Matrimonial Text Classified Ads:

Text Classified Matrimonial Advertisements in Newspapers are simple running text ads placed in one of the predefined and particular sections of a newspaper. In this category of ads, simple text is presented with various color combinations, font styles, and box formats within a column. The text matrimonial advertisement rate is cost-effective and charged as per line/character/words

  • Matrimonial Display Classified Ads:

Display Classified Matrimonial Ad in Newspaper are formed using text, photographs, logos, maps, and other informational items that further provide a visual appeal to the consumers. The display matrimonial advertisement rate is cost-effective and charged per square cm/column cm.

Sample of Matrimonial Advertisements in Newspaper

  1. BENGALI Brahmin Slim fair beautiful 27+ 5'55" settled in B'lore/Kol BE Wkg in MNC Seeks Brahmin Groom 29-33 Engg/Doctor 5'8" - 6" H'som settled in B'lore. Contact-********** E: abcdefg11@gmail.com
  2. ALLIANCE invited for Fair, Convent Educated, B.E. girl from affluent Bangalore business family, 5'4", 29 yrs. Seeking similar PQM. Mail:abcdefg@gmail.com Mob:**********
  3. PATHAN 31/6'1" B Tech-NIT, MBA-USA, Working as Finance Manager in USA. Lko. Based family. Mob: **********, Email: abcdefg@gmail.com
  4. MATCH for Kayastha Boy, 38, 5'3", Polio, Prj. Mgr in Nokia 15 LACS PA. Prof. Artist. Mob:**********/ abcdefg@gmail.com
  5. BRAHMIN, 29 years, ‘10” BE, SWE, MNC, Bangalore, 10L PA. PH: *********** (Jayanagar)/ ********** (Malleshwaram)

How to Book Matrimonial Ad in Newspaper Online

Booking a matrimonial ad in newspaper through Buymedispace can simplify the process and ensure that your ad is placed accurately and efficiently. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to book your matrimonial ad:

  1. Click the Link here: https://www.buymediaspace.com/newspaper-advertising/category/matrimonial
  2. Choose your City: Start by selecting the city where you want to advertise your matrimonial ad. This ensures that your ad reaches the right audience in the desired location
  3. Select the Newspaper: Review the ad Rates and Circulation details of the various newspapers available. Then, choose the newspaper that aligns with your requirements for publishing the matrimonial ad.
  4. Pick a Publication Date: Select the date on which you want your matrimonial ad to be published in the newspaper. You can also select single or multiple matrimonial ad options.
  5. Compose the matrimonial advertisement: Write compelling matrimonial classifieds specifically tailored for the newspaper. Upload all relevant documents online along with the ad.
  6. Check for any errors, ensure that all the necessary information needed for the matrimonial advertisement is included accurately, and verify the layout before submitting.
  7. Make the Payment: The agency will provide you with a rate card for booking the matrimonial ad. Buymediaspace offers a range of Online and Offline payment options to suit your convenience.

Why Choose BuyMediaSpace to Book Matrimonial Ads in Newspapers?

  1. Easy-to-use online platform: Make your entire matrimonial ad booking process easier with the incredibly user-friendly platform of Buymediaspace, where you can quickly book Classified and Display matrimonial advertisements in all the popular newspapers across India.
  2. Affordable Rates for Matrimonial Ads: We offer the lowest rates for releasing matrimonial ads in every newspaper. Buymediaspace negotiates with newspapers on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best rates for your matrimonial advertisements.
  3. Exclusive Matrimonial Ad Offers: Don't miss out on saving money while publishing your matrimonial ad. We stay up-to-date with the latest offers and packages extended by the newspapers.
  4. Expert guidance and customization: The agency has a team of experienced professionals who can provide expert guidance and customized advertising solutions tailored to your specific matrimonial ad requirements.
  5. Choose from 100+ Newspapers: Reach a wider audience by choosing from a list of over 100 newspapers to book your matrimonial classified ad.
  6. Multiple Payment Options: Enjoy the convenience of various payment options, including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Net Banking. Offline payments can be made through Cash, Cheque, or NEFT transfer.
  7. Dedicated Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you throughout the matrimonial ad booking process. Reach us through Live Chat, Phone, or Email to address any queries or concerns.

How can we help you with Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspapers?

Buymediaspace is India's leading marketing and advertising agency for all offline advertising campaigns, with over 22 years of industry experience. We simplify and streamline the media planning, buying, and execution to ease the process. We are associated with all major newspapers and media houses in India and provide a cost-effective and seamless experience to our clients. We understand the importance of Branding and advertising very well & provide you with creative tailor-made solutions for Matrimonial Advertisements, helping you present your best self to potential customers and building an edge against your competitors.

For further details;

Mail us: support@buymediaspace.com

Contact us: 63602 14181

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