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Outdoor ATM Advertising

Advantages of advertising on ATM

Break Free From Monotony!

When all your competitors are following the usual marketing strategies, why not do something different and appealing? Why not try the ATM Wrapping? If you are not aware of what ATM Wrapping is? Let us come to the rescue. ATM Wrapping is a new marketing opportunity under OOH Advertising, which is now open for merchants and businesses as well & where you can cover entire ATM machine with your Brand graphics and logos, ensuring that your message is not being missed. ATM Wraps enhances the appearance of ATMs, which can be fully customized to represent your Brand or business. Imagine an ATM adorned with vibrant colors, stylish graphics, and your business information all over it. Who can avoid looking at it? It will catch all the eyeballs for sure. It is truly a delightful experience when you look at something like this and it creates an unforgettable lasting impact in the mind of its viewers. And the moment they head for purchasing any product or opting any service, your Brand strikes them first. Then why not stand out in a visually competitive environment with custom graphic, vibrant and attractive ATM wrapping to reach out your consumer and build a strong market presence.

Break Free From Monotony!
Break Free From Monotony!
Break Free From Monotony!
Break Free From Monotony!
Break Free From Monotony!
ATMs are much more than just cash withdrawal machines!

ATMs are much more than just cash withdrawal machines!

What could be better than introducing your brand via custom created, engaging multimedia Advert at the ATM screen? Yeah its true that historically, the more customary and traditional type of ATM Marketing partnership happened to be with a Financial Institution, in which an ATM operated by an Independent ATM deployer bears the name, logo and illustrations of a bank. But as of late, ATM mMrketing has extended from Conventional FI, to the merchants, who utilizes graphic wraps, ATM toppers and other attractive ATM advertising opportunities to build awareness for their Brand and communicate their message to a larger audience.

ATM Branding In India

Not just any other Marketing campaign!

OOH Marketing has come a long way and is exploring every possible Advertising opportunity available under the sun, then how can this frequently visited center- ATM, be left untouched.

Just like a Billboard or Hoarding is used to elevate products and services to the consumers, ATMs speaks to the audience and showcase individual or multiple brands. But it's different with its counterparts, in terms of engagement and approach.

With wide reach from urban to semi-urban and rural areas, and 24*7 availability, thousands of people visits a particular ATM every single day, for withdrawing their earnings, which will then be used for their future purchases. Then why not encash this opportunity and attract the consumer when it is ready to spend and is standing in the market.

After all, which other medium can deliver all of these benefits in one package?

Lets begin with identifying the numerous forms of ATM Advertising opportunities, such as, Screen Advertising (full-motion video, animation or static pictures); Coupons (pre-printed or dispensed); Display Advertising (backlit topper, wrap, bill-board or panel) and Multimedia Toppers with full-motion video and sound.

Today, most brands are concentrating on a mix of Screen Marketing with either a printed commercial or coupon, to act as a call for action. This gives publicists an edge that not just fills the need of picture and brand awareness on the screen, yet in addition gives a take-away piece to lure the consumer to act. In spite of the fact that this mix seems to gather the majority of the consideration, you can't limit different types of ATM Advertising.

Types of ATM Advertising in India:

So why not create a reliable familiar image for your brand & target your consumer when he is ready to spend.

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