Mallscape Advertising-directly at the point of sale!

    Advantages of advertising on a mall

    Point of Sale Marketing
    Point of Sale Marketing
    Mall Advertising is an End-Point Marketing Tool, providing you the opportunity to reach the individuals when they are in their best mood to buy.
    Hyper Local
    Hyper Local
    As Malls Advertising is location specific, brands can easily target the local audience, and mould the advert as per the taste, preferences and needs of the locals.
    Impulse Buying
    Impulse Buying
    Since the consumers are already standing at a shopping place, exciting adverts will impulse, even the not so interested individuals into buying your products.
     Experiential Marketing
    Experiential Marketing
    Through the options like sampelling, kiosks etc Brands can build higher customer engagement & promote products or services to their target audience.

    Form of Direct Marketing

    Individuals visiting the shopping malls are already in the mood to buy. The present age youth is exceptionally cognizant about what they wear, where they wish to eat, what adornments they need to possess, and so forth. Everybody wants to be trendy. Thus, in the event when you are driving a new product or need to get customer feedback before really launching a product, Mall Advertisement ideas would certainly give you a major stimulus. Advertising in Shopping Malls permit open doors for focused, localized marketing. Standees and banners are great examples to capture attention. Advertising in Malls can likewise help in boosting Brand awareness, or build new brands, remind customers about existing brands or even act as an entertainment platform. So if you are thinking of promoting your Brand through Mall Advertising, the opportunities are immense, all you need to be is innovative. who says you have to pursue the pre-defined or well-established ways only, for Advertising in a Shopping Mall? Create disruptive communication and catch the eye of each customer who sets foot in the Mall premises, with your striking innovative adverts. From larger than life cut-outs to 3D multi holograms images, the opportunity to attract the buyer are limitless. And when a smart blend of the strategies is employed, the outcomes can be mystical.

    Form of Direct Marketing
    Form of Direct Marketing
    Form of Direct Marketing
     New Style of Branding in town!

    New Style of Branding in town!

    Mall Advertising is soon turning into a new style of Brand Advertising. Of the numerous Advertising platforms available today to promote and target the desired audience, one of the most innovative and viable mediums is Advertising in Shopping Malls. Advertising in Mall offer incredible scope to communicate and interact with the target audience, when they are in the mindset to buy. It showcases your Brand before the individuals from diverse backgrounds as they head to these popular retail destinations for shopping or entertainment. Advertising in Malls has unique advantages in reaching and attracting the audience, making significant connections, and increasing sales.

    Mall Advertising in India

    Reach the Consumers on Their Path to Purchase

    Shopping Malls are one of the most frequently go to places amongst many urban youngsters and families today. What can be a better place to hang out with your family and friends than a Shopping Mall? Usually the average daily footfalls in popular Malls typically ranges up to thousand, and even leaping to lacs on weekends. Thus Mall Advertising offers excellent visibility and opens up fantastic Marketing avenues.

    Much like commercial TV, radio or the web, Shopping Centers draw mass audience to a common point where Brands can effectively convey their message; however that is the place most similitudes end. In contrast to TV or radio, Mall is a Point-of-Purchase Advertising Vehicle where buyers can be carried on a rush of intrigue or excitement produced by the brand message and convert it promptly into a buying event.

    Advantages of Mall Branding:

    • Whatever be the reason for the visit in Shopping Mall, people can't in any way, remain unattracted to the Marketing or Advertisement activities of different brands in the Shopping Center. Thus, there is almost a negligible chance that the Adverts in Malls goes unnoticed or squandered.
    • Shopping Centers have a unique advantage of Advertising or publicizing the products, as well as offering it for sale under the same premises. This makes it easier to allure the customer to make a purchase decision.
    • Following from the past point, since the product Advertisement and display are under the same roof, an exciting product Advertisement is likely to attract the individuals to the store for impulse  purchasing.
    • Placing Adverts in the key, high traffic areas of Mall can garner high reach and as well as recurrence through repeated exposures. This expands brand awareness  and strengthens brand recall..
    • Hyperlocal promotion is effectively conceivable in Shopping Malls. A Brand which has its store in the region can draw maximum advantage by promoting themselves in the shopping center.
    • Likewise, Adverts placed in Shopping Centers can be custom-made to suit the preferences, inclinations and purchasing behavior of customers of that locale. This is one more use of hyperlocal Advertising through Shopping Centers.

    Mall Advertisements provides a wide exhibit of choices that enable Advertisers and Brands to convey their message, and helps in reaching their target market in an interactive way. Regardless of whether it's Brand awareness or directing your customers on the path to purchase,  Advertising in Malls can enable you to fortify the story when individuals have a positive mindset and are responsive to new ideas.

    Types of Mall Advertising In India:

    The various Advertising opportunities available under includes;

    • Entry Arch: It is a medium of indoor Advertising in Malls. This means placing your Advert at the entry gate of the mall, where it is not likely to be missed by any visitor.
    • LED Screens: These screens are usually placed at the center of the Mall premises or where it is most crowded. And highly engaging digital ads are played on the screens.
    • Standees and Cutouts: You might have seen various printed rectangular Adverts, standing on the floor, these are nothing but standees. They can be placed anywhere in the Mall premises be it the compound, lobby or corridors.
    • Drop Downs: When the Adverts are placed handing from the top, these are called Drop-downs.
    • Back-lit Signage: These are the option of Mall Advertisement wherein the Advert is placed on a backlit panel, which is highly attractive and unmissable.
    • Glass Lift Shaft: Here the Adverts are placed on the Glass of lift shafts.
    • Elevator  Wraps: Here the elevators are adorned with company logo and graphics, and looks more like branding the Elevators.
    • Sampelling: Brands can also place their products for sampelling under Mall Advertising. It is a unique way of connecting with the consumers, collecting customer feedback and launching new products.
    • Flag Poles: You might have witnessed the banners placed on the poles, standing on the open areas of the Malls. These are nothing but Flag poles.
    • Food Court Advertising: Brands can also mark their presence at the food courts, while the individuals are in the relaxed mode and resting.
    • Advertising in Washrooms: These are the places where brands place their Adverts to enjoy the uninterrupted attention of the audience.
    • Parking Boom Barriers: Brands can even Advertise at the Parking barriers to attract the individuals while entering and exiting the malls.
    • Events: Various promotional or launch events can also be initiated in the premises of Shopping Malls which greatly benefit in Brand Engagement.

    Such campaigns, when made as a part of the overall marketing campaign, can reap short term as well as long term benefits to the organisation. The investments made on these campaigns pay good returns as they create long-lasting impression on the minds of customers. With increased chances of immediate sales, Mall Marketing also leads to an enhanced affinity towards the brand, which is unmatched ROI for any brand.

    With all that said, if you are interested in expanding your Brand’s reach to the consumer directly and marking a lasting impression in their minds, undoubtedly opt for Mall Advertising Services offered by BuyMediaSpace.

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    BuyMediaSpace is a PAN india Mall Advertising Agency. We understand the importance of Branding and Advertising very well & provide you with creative tailor made solutions on Advertising in Malls

    in India, helping you present your best self to the potential customers and building an edge against your competitors.

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    How can we help you? (FAQ's)

    Mall advertising is an advertising model wherein ads are placed within a shopping mall at different places. Shopping mall advertising offers a great opportunity to connect with the target audience in multiple ways in a perfect ambiance to deliver some of the best and innovative ad campaigns.

    There are various media options available in mall advertising. Some of the major types are 1. LED screens 2. Mall facades 3.Lift advertising 4. Elevator advertising 5. Entry/Exit advertising 6. Mall activities/events.

    Various materials are used in mall advertising depending upon the media.Forex vinyl is used for lift & elevators, flex or cloth is used for banners, etc

    The costs of mall advertising depend on various factors like the type of advertising, quantity, location, campaign duration, etc.

    Mall advertising is generally done on a monthly basis. However, campaigns for specific durations which are less than a month can also be executed.

    Typically, campaign start date and end date images are provided with or without a newspaper as proof of execution. In addition, since these locations are open to public as well, advertisers can visit the site for physical inspection.

    Mall advertising locations within the city can be decided depending upon the target location and the availability of Media in the specific Malls.

    Mall advertising is popular as malls attract huge crowds. These places have multiple brand outlets and food courts, and people on a shopping spree are easily influenced by the advertisements.

    Mall advertising requires permissions and creative approval issued by the mall authorities.

    How to do a Mall Advertising campaign?
    About 2 days
    To execute a successful Mall advertising campaign below are the important steps to follow. .
    image of a tiles
    image of a notched trowel
    image showing preparation
    Media Plan: Create a comprehensive media plan for the Mall advertising campaign considering the target audience, media mix, campaign duration, etc. Our experts can help design the Mall advertising campaign plan. .
    image showing preparation
    Allocate necessary budgets for the activity..
    image showing preparation
    Identify catchment areas and malls. .
    image showing preparation
    Media site discovery, price negotiation, and selection. we can provide maximum and best mall media options for your campaign..
    image showing preparation
    Design creatives as per the sizes of the selected media options in the mall..
    image showing preparation
    Execution of the campaign as per the plan.
    image showing preparation
    Campaign Monitoring: Images of campaign execution will be compiled and shared with you as proof of the campaign launch. .