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Advantages of advertising on Inflight

You are Flying with the Brands!

We all have boarded some or the other flight in our lives. Some are frequent fliers, while some fly occasionally. But we all have witnessed one thing in common. We all have faced those long boring hours doing nothing, during our flight journey. And god forbid, if we are not carrying any pre downloaded movie or a book in our bag, we are left with nothing but grabbing that Inflight magazine lying in front of us or staring at the Bulkhead, Seat-back, Table tray, etc Well it happens with all of us. And agree or not, we always forget to carry our entertainment resources at home. And here emerges an excellent opportunity for advertisers to market their brands. Brands place their adverts on every possible space where it can catch audience’s attention, be it a Cabin Bulk Head, Overhead Luggage Bins, Seat Back Ad, Head Reset Cover, In-Flight Free Product Sampling, Boarding Pass, and Luggage Trolley Advertisement, or skyline advertisement. With nothing else to do, potential customers are exposed to the advert for an average of 1.5 hours. And thanks to the long stay in a trouble-free environment. The recall rate of more than 80% and an increase in the purchase intent of 35 % as compared to other advertising strategies, speak for themselves.

 You are Flying with the Brands!
 You are Flying with the Brands!
 You are Flying with the Brands!
 You are Flying with the Brands!
 You are Flying with the Brands!
The best way to connect is to travel together!

The best way to connect is to travel together!

Although commuting by flights is technically preferred to save time, you often look for different avenues to entertain yourself to make it easier for you to pass time. So what do you generally do, if you do not have any movie downloaded on your system? Pick up and browse through a Magazine, right? Or just look at the surroundings? Well, that’s what most travelers do too! When travelling in flight, obviously you cannot just get up and walk away. And with your mobiles switched off, you are hardly left with anything to do. Thus the travelers are often hungry for information and are surely in a receptive state of mind. And that is the moment for your ads to come in.

Inflight Advertising in India

The best way to connect is to travel together!

Inflight Advertising has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and has amplified with the increased number of airlines, passengers, and frequency of flights. Generally, Inflight Advertising targets the frequent fliers including business owners and decision makers of big organizations. For a brand looking for a way to reach out to these people directly, Inflight Advertising should definitely make to the priority list of media campaign. Not just them, mass audience with diverse backgrounds can be reached through Inflight Advertising strategies.

Advantages of Inflight Branding:

  1. Captive Audience: Flight passengers cannot just get up and walk away. Thus Inflight Advertising has an advantage that many other marketing strategies do not: a captive audience. Plus, being in the flight is boring for many people and they are often hungry for information and surely in a receptive of mind. That is the moment for your ads to come.
  2. Global Reach: With thousands of people flying every airline every day in countries around the world, Inflight Branding has a wide reach globally, in both domestic and international sectors.
  3. High Frequency of Exposure: Since most of the people do not afford to own a private jet, they will probably have to fly in commercial flights several times in their life. so along with the automatic immensely high reach of Inflight Adverts, comes high frequency of frequent flyers.
  4. Highly Targeted Audience: With Inflight Branding, brands can easily reach a huge number of passengers and effectively target them by their geographical origin, place of destination, routes, and even by their preferences and purchasing habits. Brands can also target them by class or income group, for example, if you want to reach customers with deep pocket and high purchasing power to promote your luxurious products, it is advisable to choose business class to advertise.
  5. Numerous Choices of Formats and Platforms: Inflight Advertising have numerous choices of formats for your brand campaigns. Like Inflight Magazine Advertising or Adverts can be placed on bulk heads, table tray, on the digital devices etc. So, the brands can choose the format or platform suitable for their business and can be creative & innovative with the campaign ideas.

Types of Inflight Advertising in India:

Let’s closely look at some of the Advertising options it provide-

Choose Your Way to Greet Your Customers

Advertisers can choose the format or platform suitable for their business to be creative with their campaign ideas, when it comes to Inflight Branding. The various ways in which Inflight Branding promotes your brand are-

  1. Bulk Head Branding: Facing forward and bored? That is when your audience must see you! Bulkhead wall graphics are prominently visible to all passengers. Thus, they are providing great targeting opportunity for luxury and premium brands.
  2. Seat Back Branding: Your advert placed straight in front of the seat of your potential consumer, with a guaranteed view of at least 40 minutes to 8 hours. It ensures high impact with the maximum brand recall.
  3. Meal Tray Branding: The entire tray table can be used to bring your brand to life. Tray table Branding is highly attractive, and is visible to every passenger in an uncluttered, captive environment, who opens the tray table either to eat or to work.
  4. Over-Head Bins Branding: Make sure your product is also added to their baggage the next time they open the overhead bins. These overhead bins present a one of a kind large medium to place your brand on.
  5. InFlight Magazine: The editorial content on board is widely read and recalled. More than 80% of the passengers would surely grab the magazine placed in their front pockets and flutter through the pages, so there’s more chance they will run across your Advertisement.
  6. Boarding Pass: Why not mark your presence on the most important thing of Flight travel- The Boarding Pass. Every traveller keeps it safe with them, and refer it again and again for checking their gate number, flight number, seat number etc. So Advertising on it will increase the chances of maximum exposure for your brand.
  7. Baggage Tags: Lets brand something that your consumer can take his home back. You must have seen the luggage tags that are tied on your bags while security checks. These tags can also be branded. You can place your Advert here, as they will stay with the traveller all throughout his journey and even afterwards. 

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