All North Bengal (ABP_Non Commercial) - Packaged Offer for OBITUARY Ad in Newspapers

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Edition Malda, Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Alipur Duar, Cooch Behar, Darjiling, Balurghat, Raiganj

Language BENGALI

Coverage City : Malda Edition (Circulation - 17,165)

  • Malda

Coverage City : Jalpaiguri Edition (Circulation - 20,058)

  • Jalpaiguri

Coverage City : Siliguri Edition (Circulation - 15,874)

  • Siliguri

Coverage City : Alipur Duar Edition (Circulation - 3,945)

  • Alipur Duar

Coverage City : Cooch Behar Edition (Circulation - 14,555)

  • Cooch Behar

Coverage City : Darjiling Edition (Circulation - 14,556)

  • Darjiling

Coverage City : Balurghat Edition (Circulation - 4,435)

  • Balurghat

Coverage City : Raiganj Edition (Circulation - 1,599)

  • Raiganj

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Terms & Conditions
    Anandbazar Patrika:
  1. 1. For BOLD advertisements, Only the first line will be in BOLD and not the entire text. Due to page set up by the Publication House, the PREVIEW and the COST may change a little. 2. Publication does not accept BOLD & COLOR Enhancement at a time.

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