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Delhi Edition - Samachar Jagat

Delhi Edition(Circulation - 30,000)


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Jaipur Edition(Circulation - 2,21,444)


Samachar Jagat

How can we help you? (FAQ's)

Cost of advertisement in Samachar Jagat ranges from few hundreds to lacs. It depends on the type of Ad (Classified or Display), city, circulation of newspaper, page positioning and AD size. Bigger the size, and more the circulation, the advertisement cost will increase..

Depending upon the target audience, you should decide the day of release of advertisement in Samachar Jagat. Ex. Wednesday is good for recruitment Ads, weekday is for Business AD and weekends are good for consumer products. .

There are several categories of advertisement that can be published in Samachar Jagat. Ex. Business, Services, Personal, Statutory Notices, Real Estate, Automobiles, Consumer products etc..

As per AD conentSamachar Jagat asks for documentation ex. Ads promising quick and guaranteed returns, Court Notices, Lost & found etc. This is done to safeguard the interest of the readers. Otherwise, there is no such major documentation required for publishing newspaper Ads in Samachar Jagat..

There are 3 different types of ads in Samachar Jagat i.e. Text Classified, Display Classified and Display Ads. Depending upon the media plan, budget and target audience, advertisers can select any type of advertisement..

Front Page, 3rd page & back page are the best pages to advertise as they capture the maximum attention of the reader. Depending upon the budget, advertisers can decide the page and position of advertisement. .

Classified Ads are generally placed in Classified Pages of Samachar Jagat newspaper. The classified pages can be accommodated anywhere in the newspaper depending upon the page layout. .

We share e-copy of the newspaper on the day of AD schedule. Additionally, you can also check e-paper site of Samachar Jagat..

In case your AD has not been published in Samachar Jagat on the scheduled date, you can get it rescheduled or can claim refund from the AD booking agency. We make a full refund within 7 days of claim acceptance..

The cut off time is 03:00 pm of the previous day for publishing Ad in Samachar Jagat..

Payment has to be processed in advance to book AD in Samachar Jagat..

Pointer ads are small size ads of 20 sqcm which appear on the front page of Samachar Jagat Newspaper..