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About Rajasthan Patrika

Founded in 1956 by Karpoor Chandra Kulish, Rajasthan Patrika is a Hindi newspaper, owned by Rajasthan Patrika Pvt. Ltd. It brings the latest news on current affairs in India and all over the globe, business, sports, entertainment, science, and health. Rajasthan Patrika is the No. 4 newspaper in India, as per the Indian Readership Survey 2013. It is an excellent platform for getting maximum returns on the investments done on advertising. Here are the reasons why you should mull over advertising in Rajasthan Patrika:

1. Low Cost of Advertising

2. Wide Reach

3. Innovative Advertising Solutions

4. High Brand Equity

Advertisements related to Business, Matrimony, Recruitment, Tender, Property, and other Announcements, that too at economical rates on Rajasthan Patrika via Buymediaspace, an authorized online booking portal that makes the whole ad booking process easy and trouble-free. With just 3 simple steps, you can place your classified ads in Rajasthan Patrika across significant cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jabalpur, Hoshangabad, Sri Ganganagar, Jodhpur, Alwar, Banswara, Bikaner, Bastar, Bilaspur, Surat, Kolkata, Neemuch, Chhindwara, Rewa, Raipur, Ratlam, Ujjain, Bangalore, Chennai, Jagdalpur, Mandsaur, Kota, Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Satna, and Bhilai.

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Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Advertising

Why Rajasthan Patrika?

Rajasthan Patrika is a well-known brand and fit for getting a wide reach. Owned by Rajasthan Patrika Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan Patrika is ahead of its counterparts. The audiences get influenced by your ad since it is in the classifieds of a well-regarded publication house.


Rajasthan Patrika is widely read in the North Indian region and is ahead of its contemporaries. Being in the lead, Rajasthan Patrika is certainly the best Hindi daily for India.

Extensive Reach

The readership of Rajasthan Patrika is spread amongst the cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jabalpur, Hoshangabad, Sri Ganganagar, Jodhpur, Alwar, Banswara, Bikaner, Bastar, Bilaspur, Surat, Kolkata, Neemuch, Chhindwara, Rewa, Raipur, Ratlam, Ujjain, Bangalore, Chennai, Jagdalpur, Mandsaur, Kota, Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Satna, etc. hence, the advertisers booking an ad in Rajasthan Patrika Classifieds page will certainly get an overwhelming ROI due to its vast reach.


With readers across all ages, Rajasthan Patrika is catering to a large audience every day. Its style is well-liked among the younger generations; therefore, recruitment and education classifieds in Rajasthan Patrika will get an enhanced response.


A supplement is the best part of any newspaper and adds value to it. Rajasthan Patrika has a wide range of supplements on various days of the week catering to readers with diverse interests. Advertisements in these supplements will ensure that they reach directly to the target audience.

Hum Tum: It focuses on varied topics related to the lives of the readers and has articles about the relationship between parents and children, new and classical music, and much more.

Me.Next: It consists of three sections - Education, Entrepreneurship, and Tool Box which offers direction and assistance to the youth.

Patrika Expose: This supplement has sections such as City Investigation, Mega Story, Cinema, and many other interesting things.

Bhilai Durg Patrika: It is published in the Bhilai edition of Rajasthan Patrika and emphasizes the city-centric news, along with some Bollywood tittle-tattle.

Rajasthan Patrika Classified Advertisement Types

Buymediaspace offers you a platform to check ad rates, circulation details, and combo packages and allows you to book ads online for Rajasthan Patrika without any troubles or complications!

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Classified Text Ads:

Text advertisements are the basic form of advertising. Simplicity is the core of it, however, with the help of our online enhancements such as ticks, screen borders, background colors, etc., these ads can be made more attractive. These ads are charged based on lines/characters/ words used in the content of the ad.

Classified Display Ads:

Classified Display ads, also known as column ads cost a little more but attract more readers as well. These adverts can be tailored according to your preference by uploading images and logos and formatting font styles and sizes. It can be published in color as well as Black and White format. You will be able to compose your Classified Display ad online with our pre-designed templates. You can also upload personally composed advertisements.

How to Book Ad in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper

Steps to Create Newspaper Advertisement in Rajasthan Patrika

1. Select: Search and select the newspaper where you want to publish your AD. buymediaspace.com gives you maximum options to search and Select Newspapers using different search criteria e.x. City, category, etc.. You can select newspapers covering more than 3500 cities across India.

2. Compose: Provide your AD content in the compose page either by typing or uploading the AD content if you already have it. Enable Language conversion feature to compose advertisement content in any regional language.

3. Schedule and Payment: Select the total numbers of the AD and schedule them for the release of the AD on specific dates and proceed for payments to complete the order.

Payment Mediums – Multiple payment options are available for users to make their payments. Online payment mediums such as Credit/Debit Cards and Net banking are accepted. Users can also opt for payment wallets such as Paytm, etc.

On successful payment, you will receive an invoice on your registered email ID with your ad booking and payment details. Your ad is ready to be published on the specified date(s) once it passes through the editorial approval policies of Rajasthan Patrika newspaper.

How to check if my ad has been placed?

1. Once you create an order on Buymediaspace, you will receive an auto-generated email confirming that your order has been received. Alternatively, you can go to Dashboard to view your order status.

2. Our team will contact you for confirmation.

3. Once your content and release date are approved by the media house, you get an approval email stating the same. In case of any changes, you will be intimated and we will seek your approval.

4. After the ad is published, you will receive an email confirmation. A soft copy of the newspaper will be sent to the user if the e-paper version is available online.

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