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About Navbharat Times

Coming from the esteemed publishing house of  Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., Navbharat Times is one of the most popular dailies in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow.  Navbharat Times is one of the oldest products of this house which also publishes other renowned dailies and magazines like  Times of India, Economic Times, Filmfare etc. Navbharat Times leads the race ahead of its contemporaries both in terms of circulation and readership making it an ideal platform for the publication of your advertisement. Navbharat Times advertisements assist in getting the maximum returns on advertisers investment.

Here’s why you should consider advertising in Navbharat Times: 

1. Has an extensive reach.

2. Low cost of Advertising.

3. Result Driven Ad platform.

4. Has a high brand equity.

5. Innovating Advertising Solutions.

You can easily book your Business Ads, Matrimonial Ads, Property Ads, Recruitment Ads, Tender Ads, and Announcements at discounted rates on Navbharat Times via Buymediaspace. Buymediaspace is the authorized online booking portal which simplifies your Navbharat Times Ad booking process. You can now easily place your classified Ads in  Navbharat Times newspaper via our 3 step booking process.

We can book your Navbharat Times in all the three cities of its circulation i.e. Mumbai, Lucknow, and Delhi.

Navbharat Times Newspaper Advertising

Why Navbharat Times

When it comes to brand name, very few beats Navbharat Times. It comes from a very reputed House and when you book a classifieds in Navbharat Times, your ad gets leverage from the brand value of such an esteemed publication house.


Navbharat  Times has been the leading newspapers in the respective cities since its inception.  It has a circulation of 4.23 lakh odd copies in Delhi and a strong readership of 19.7 lakh readers. In Mumbai too  NBT circulates to 130,000 copies and enjoys a readership of  470,000. The statistics speak for themselves about the popularity of NBT.

Extensive Reach

The daily is circulated only in three cities, however, it attracts the most readership of these respective cities. For example, It is Delhi’s No 1. Hindi daily, reaching to almost 2 million Delhiites. Therefore any advertiser planning to book an ad in Navbharat Classifieds page is assured of overwhelming response owing to its vast reach.


NBT enjoys a broad readership base. Its content is diverse and appeals to people of all age group, coming from every stratum of the society.  However, the trend of reporting and subjects handled by Navbharat Times has made it a favorite among the younger generations.  


Supplements add to the much-needed spice and variety of the daily and help broaden its readership base. NBT has a number of supplements which help attract more readers.

Hello Delhi: It is the lifestyle Bollywood supplement of Navbharat Times that is published on all days except on Mondays. It is a number of sections on Fashion, Travel, Bollywood etc.

NBT Property: As the name itself suggests, it deals with real estate.

NBT Education: It is mainly meant for the kids and the youth with articles and pieces about education and career.

Navbharat Times Classified Advertisement Types   

Buymediaspace offers you a platform to check ad rates, circulation details, and combo packages and allows you to book ads online for Navbharat Times without any troubles or complications!

We are India’s leading online ad booking service provider! With Buymediaspace, you can book a variety of ads such as Navbharat Times Classified Display and Text Classified at no extra cost!!

Classified Text Ads:

Text advertisements are the basic form of advertising. Simplicity is the core of it, however, with the help of our online enhancements such as ticks, screen borders, background colors etc., these ads can be made more attractive. These ads are charged on the basis of lines/characters/ words used in the content of the ad.

Classified Display Ads:

Classified Display ads, also known as column ads costs a little more, but attract more readers as well. These adverts can be tailored according to your preference by uploading images and logos and formatting font styles and sizes. It can be published in color as well as Black and White format. You will be able to compose your Classified Display ad online with our pre-designed templates. You can also upload personally composed advertisements.

How to Book & Create Newspaper ad in Buymediaspace

Steps to Create Newspaper Advertisement in Navbharat Times

1. Select: Search and select the newspaper where you want to publish your AD. buymediaspace.com gives you maximum options to search & Select Newspapers using different search criteria e.x. City, category etc.. You can select newspapers covering more than 3500 cities across India.

2. Compose: Provide your AD content in the compose page either by typing or uploading the AD content if you already have it. Enable Language conversion feature to compose advertisement content in any regional language.

3. Schedule and Payment: Select total numbers of the AD and schedule them for the release of the AD on specific dates and proceed for payments to complete the order.

Payment Mediums – Multiple payment options are available for users to make their payment. The online payment mediums such as Credit/Debit Card and Net banking are accepted. Users can also opt for payment wallets such as Paytm, etc.

On successful payment, you will receive an invoice on your registered email id with your ad booking and payment details. Your ad is ready to be published on the specified date(s) once it passes through the editorial approval policies of the Navbharat Times newspaper.

How to check my ad has been placed?

1. Once you create an order on buymediaspace, you will receive an auto-generated email confirming that your order has been received. Alternatively, you can go to Dashboard to view your order status.

2. Our team will contact you for confirmation.

3. Once your content and release date is approved by the media house, you get an approval email stating the same. In case of any changes, you will be intimated and we will seek your approval.

4. After the ad is published, you will receive an email confirmation. Soft copy of the newspaper will be sent to the user if e-paper version is available online.

Why Buymediaspace?

1. Maximum Newspaper Options: Buymediaspace provides maximum options for newspaper advertising. You can now plan and advertise in more than 150 newspapers in 3500+ cities.

2. Best Rate: Buymediaspace provides most competitive prices for all newspaper Ads. You can now get the most desirable results at most economical pricing.

3. Multiple Language Support: Buymediaspace supports Ad in over 15 languages. You can compose your newspaper Advertisement in English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and several other Indian languages.

4. Packages and Offers: A number of Discounted Packages and Offers are listed on Buymediaspace which are continuously updated from time to time.

5. Maximum Enhancements: Use enhancements to increase the effectiveness of your advertisement. Buymediaspace supports maximum enhancements to compose your newspaper Ad. You can now make your Ad look more attractive and appealing by using Border, Bold, Boundary, Background color, Images and much more.

6. Simple Interface: With Buymediaspace, Ad booking is no longer a hectic and troublesome procedure. Now, you can book your Newspaper Ad in less than 5 minutes.

7. Complete Information: Buymediaspace provides detailed information for newspapers before you select the same. Get publishing city, coverage cities, circulation number, and publishing days for all newspapers.

8. 24/7 Availability: With Ad booking procedure made online, you can now book your newspaper Ad anytime anywhere with a few clicks.

9. Interactive Customer Support: Buymediaspace has a team of specialist to guide whenever you face any trouble or need any suggestion. We are here to resolve your queries within minutes

10. Value Added Services: Buymediaspace supports innovative Advertisement techniques such as Ad Engage and Integrated Media Planning. This helps you advertise more efficiently.

How can we help you? (FAQ's)

In Navbharat Times there are 3 different types of advertisements i.e. Text Classified, Display Classified and Display Ads. Depending upon the budget, media plan and target audience, advertisers can select any type of advertisement.

Cost of advertisement in Navbharat Times in Lucknow ranges from few hundreds to Lacs. It depends on the type of Ad (Classified or Display), city circulation of newspaper, page positioning, and AD size. Bigger the size and more the circulation, the cost will increase.

Target group of Lucknow and the readers of Navbharat Times are to be considered while deciding the language of the advertisement. Ex. If the local population is a target then vernacular advertisement will give better results.

Typically, minimum AD size is between 15-20 sq cms for Display Classified & Display Ads. But the size of the advertisement depends on the AD content and desired Impact of the campaign.

Generally, ads are placed in the right-side pages of Navbharat Times. Front page, 3rd page and back page are the best pages to advertise as they capture the maximum attention of the reader. Depending upon the budget, advertisers can decide the page position of the advertisement.

Depending upon the target audience, you should decide the day of release of the AD. Ex. Weekend is effective for consumer products whereas weekdays are good for B2B customers.

Navbharat Times is a mass media. Newspaper advertising is still considered serious and is more trusted by readers of Lucknow than any other advertising medium. Hence ads in newspaper are still very effective.

As per AD content,Navbharat Times asks for documentation ex. Ads promising quick and guaranteed returns, Court Notices, Lost & found etc. This is done to safeguard the interests of the readers. Otherwise, there is no such major documentation required for publishing newspaper ads in Navbharat Times

We share e-copy of the newspaper on the day of the AD schedule. Additionally, you can also check e-paper site of Navbharat Times for specific edition covering Lucknow.

The Cut off Time is 03:00 pm of the previous day for publishing Ads in Navbharat Times in Lucknow.